Bellavista School is an independent preparatory school for children with learning potential who are experiencing specific or generalised learning difficulties, which prevent them from achieving success in a mainstream school environment.

We aim to encapsulate every child’s strengths and promote these, whilst developing coping strategies to overcome areas of weakness.

Through our Bellavista S.H.A.R.E arm, the professional staffs of our school are involved in training others. We believe that we are a resource to support educators and therapists in their professional development. S.H.A.R.E hosts workshops, evening talks and conferences in addition to active mentoring programmes.

Bellavista S.E.E.K offers an in-depth assessment service to support parents in gaining insight into their child through educational assessment in the context of a multidisciplinary team. Our experienced psychologists capably advise and assist. In every respect, Bellavista seeks to help where we can and ensure that all the children we meet find their place in the sun.

Bellavista pupils are ALL pupils of the month: 894 litres of water collected for drought relief in the Free State!

pupils of the month




    • Kalie

      Dear Davhana,
      You need to have a first Professional Qualification (ideally in Education) to do remedial education. Many university based courses have been discontinued, and they now offer honours or masters level programmes in Inclusive Education.

      Bellavista School through the Education and Resource Centre offers specific continuing professional development courses in literacy and dyslexia. Should you require any further information, please provide me your email details.

    • Kalie

      Mariette hello,
      Please see our web-site for the continuing proffessional development course we offer in Literacy and Dyslexia.
      Send through your email address so that we can put you on our mailing list.

      Kalie Naidoo

  1. thabo morris mogashoa

    I will like to know more about the school because my son need special school like this so please send me more info and school fees

    • Kalie

      Please call the school, we re-open on 11 January and speak with Mrs Theresa Garden ; tel 011 788 -5454.
      Wishing you all the best in finding an appropriate placement for your son
      Kalie Naidoo

  2. Ashraf and Rukshana Karolia

    Good day
    I would like to know if you can help our son who appears to have special needs. We need an assessment to see if he needs special schooling like yours

    Kind regards

    Ashraf and Rukshana Karolia

  3. Kalie

    Portia hello,
    If he is in a state school, ask the principal to contact your District officials for a full assessment. The officials are either in the Directorate for Inclusive Education or Psychological Services. Alternatively you can contact Bellavista S.E.E.K for an assessment.

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