Bellavista School is a global Centre for Excellence in Birdhaven, Johannesburg.

There are three arms to Bellavista:

The School is a co-educational school from Grade R to Grade 7 that offers intervention to remediate difficulties, excellence in education, and an inclusive environment that prepares children for the long-term world of work and a meaningful place in society. Approaching its 55th anniversary, the school celebrates a legacy of delivery on its commitment to offer its learners a view to a brighter future. Our past learners continue to call in and drop word of their progress and success later in life.

Bellavista S.E.E.K. is an assessment centre that facilitates a number of well-qualified multidisciplinary teams who, under the guidance of a lead psychologist, conduct in-depth educational assessments for children age 3 – 18, both nationally and internationally. These global assessments provide the necessary diagnostic framework needed to support children either in the current school environment and those who will come into Bellavista School.
Bellavista S.H.A.R.E. is the Education Resource Centre of Bellavista School. With this initiative, the school harnesses the collective capacity it holds within its own staff to improve the quality of educational delivery in Southern Africa and beyond, by sharing its wealth of professional knowledge, experience and collective expertise with the community of educators and health professionals working with children.

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