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Epilepsy in Neurodiverse Children

Presenter: Dr Adri Van Der Walt (Paediatric Neurologist)

Epilepsy and Neurodiversity

Seizures and ‘absences’ in a child are one of the most distressing, recurrent events for parents to try and manage – and for professionals to try and support parents in managing.

Epilepsy is internationally recognized as one of the highest priority concerns to address in a child before all others.

The goal of this talk is to improve understanding for, detection of and treatment of epilepsy conditions in children with neuro-developmental conditions – towards improvement of their care.

HPCSA awards 3 CEUs

This talk will be available 30 days from registration.

About the Presenter

Dr Adri Van Der Walt is a paediatric neurologist and associate speaker for training department of the Neurodiversity Centre. Her extensive work with neurodiverse children makes her a rich source of clear and comprehensive insight.

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