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Mindblindness and ASD

Presenter: Ella Brent

Mindblindness is an expression that attempts to capture some of the main features that characterise the difficulties experienced by people described as falling on the Autistic Spectrum.

This 1 hour talk will present a meaningful understanding of what Mindblindness is in the context of Autism Spectrum Disorders. “Mindblindness” refers to some of the difficulties individuals on the Autistic Spectrum have in both putting themselves in someone else’s shoes, and conversely in distinguishing their own perspectives from those of other people. The theory accounts for the social and communication difficulties that individuals on this Spectrum of Disorders face.

Mindblindness and ASD

There will be a brief background of the development of Simon Baron-Cohen’s concept, with practical examples to illustrate.

Following this, the usefulness of Mindblindness in accounting for the difficulties experienced by ASD individuals will be discussed.

Finally reference will be made to the limitations of this concept in accounting for all ASD characteristics, and to the newer theory of ‘hyper-systemising’ as an account for the tendency for ASD individuals to over-focus on a narrow range of skills or interests.

30 June 2021 @ 19h30-20h30 SAST
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NO RECORDING will be available for this webinar.

About the Presenter

Dr Ella Brent trained in the UK, and has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University College London. She is a Director as well as a Consultant Psychologist for The Day Clinic and has a special interest in the meaningful application of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Mentalising Based Therapies (MBT).

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