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Six Week Virtual Maths Intervention

Supporting our child’s numeracy development should remain a priority.

This six-week numeracy support programme will involve two 30-40 minute sessions per week (12 lessons) with a mathematics specialist, using a cumulative, structured approach.

This will all be done over a virtual platform at a mutually convenient time.

Virtual Maths Intervention

Dear Parents

Thank you for signing up for the Six Weeks Virtual Maths Intervention. We hope you and your child find it both beneficial and rewarding.

Please complete the forms in the Course Access section and email them to [email protected]. Once received, we will allocate a tutor suited to your child’s needs who will be in contact with you to arrange the lessons. 

With the forms, you will see the structure that is followed during a lesson and how it will be adjusted to your child’s needs. The first lesson will be a benchmark screening in order to determine areas of need. 

The tutors will take session notes and reflect on each lesson as they prepare for the next lesson.

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