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The Tomatis® Method: A Neurosensory Approach to Intervention

The Tomatis® Method: A Neurosensory Approach to Intervention

The Tomatis® Method is listening therapy developed by a French ENT, Dr Alfred Tomatis. This talk explores the Tomatis® Method as a neurosensory approach to support neuroplasticity. An overview of the programme and benefits are provided. Included is sharing on the anatomy of the ear and brain to define the difference between hearing and listening. “The brain is a highly dynamic structure, which undergoes significant change, not only as it develops, but throughout the entire lifespan” -M Costand

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Natalie Herb (née Wiesner) qualified with distinction as a Speech-Language Therapist & Audiologist form Wits University. She has over ten years experience working within a remedial school environment. Natalie joined Bellavista School in 2010. She was appointed Head of the Speech Therapy Department from 2014, and then continued as Director of Therapy until 2021. Natalie believes in multidisciplinary intervention and that a cognitive approach to learning is key in supporting a child to be ‘future ready’. She is passionate about child development. The social- emotional wellbeing of each child is central. Natalie believes in employing evidence based practice to support independent learning.

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