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Bellavista Fundraiser Booklet (2019)

Bellavista Fundraiser Booklet (2019) Dream Big advert application form

About the Parents Association

Bellavista School has an active Parents Association (PA) with the aim of promoting close cooperation between parents and the school and among each other. The PA is made up of both parent volunteers and members of the teaching and administrative staff.

The PA can be contacted via

Our current committee is:

PA Chair Justine Rubin
PA Secretary Lara Harris
PA Finance Controller Janine Owen
Staff Representatives Linda Wetterhahn; Heather Allais; Deborah Behrens

Committee Portfolios

Design Lisa Benatar
Community Engagement via the Mini Council with Leora Karpelowsky
Uniform Shop Romy Ancer and Kerry Cassel
MySchool Card  Fulu Makwetla
Library Book Covering  Karen Joffe
Bellavista Bash and Roses Kim Abraham
Tuckshop Debbi Barlow
Discount Booklet Lana Constanti and Kerry Cassel
Bellavista Club Annabel Bishop
Teacher liaison Deborah Behrens; Linda Wetterhahn

2019 Events Calendar

PA Meeting Dates: see the school calendar

First term

Class Socials

Bellavista Discount Booklet Drive

Second Term

Bellavista AGM

Bellavista Family Fun Day

Third Term

Teacher Appreciation Day

Bellavista Bash

Year End PA Meeting & Cocktail Party

Purpose of the PA

The primary purpose of the PA is to build social cohesion and a community spirit in the school parent body, connecting parents, staff and the children and building a sense of belonging in the Bellavista Community. On a secondary level, the PA raises funds for the school in three major ways:

  • Passive income e.g. Bellavista Club and MySchool Card
  • Fundraising events e.g. Raffle or Comedy Evening
  • Direct income e.g. Uniform Shop, sale of the Legacy of Bellavista rose and Tuck Shop

The money raised by the PA is used towards enhancing the entire school for the benefit of the parents, pupils and staff.  PA funds are always re-invested into the school. The PA assists with value-adding projects, infrastructure and wish list items that are not budgeted for by the school. As a result, these projects vary from year to year.

 Passive Income

Income raised passively contributes largely to the PA’s annual income.

Get a MySchool Card and Start Swiping
My School card is an initiative that provides a significant benefit to the school, through a percentage of the money spent in the stores of participating retailers being routed back to the school.

Order a MySchool card online ( It’s quick and easy! Remember, every swipe counts when you purchase from participating stores. Look up the partners, special discounts and promotions online. Your support is always appreciated.

Bellavista Club

Membership is voluntary. The subscription fee is R300 per year. Bellavista Club members participate in a draw for cash prizes every month. Click here to download the Bellavista Club application form.

Fundraising Events

The PA actively raises funds through several events which are held throughout the school year. These events help to create a community spirit within the Bellavista School Community and are aimed at creating fun for parents and pupils alike in line with our ethos. We encourage the Bellavista Family to attend our events and support the school.

Direct Income

A portion of the PA’s income is also gathered from the school’s Uniform Shop, the Tuck Shop on the Outspan Sports Field and the Bellavista Classifieds. These activities are provided by the PA more as a service to our Bellavista Community, and fortunately, in the process, generate a small amount of cash.  In teh 50th year of the school (2017), the PA initiated the Legacy of Bellavista, our signature rose.  The rose is for sale on order to the PA or via Ludwigs. These initiatives are co-ordinated by dedicated volunteers from the parent body. Contributions and suggestions are welcome. Any queries regarding direct income can be directed to attention Heather, for the PA.

Bellavista Uniform Shop 

To view business hours and contact details please see

Power of One Campaign

The Power of One collaborative campaign was launched in 2015. It aims to stimulate active participation from all parents to make a difference by offering their time, talents, ideas contacts, expertise or donations to name but a few. The campaign challenges all parents to commit to do ONE thing a year for the school.

Parents pledge via the Bellavista School App > Form


For a guide to ordering tuck via the app, click here:Tuck Orders 2019