Professional Awards

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Professional Awards 2024

Our Professional Awards Course offers comprehensive insights into the latest evidence-based practices and research surrounding specific learning difficulties. Participants have the opportunity to specialise in either literacy and dyslexia, mathematics and dyscalculia, or geletterdheid en disleksie. With a duration of 18 months, the course comprises four modules in each specialisation.

The first module delves deeply into the theoretical underpinnings and concepts related to the chosen specialisation, providing a robust foundation for practical application in teaching and practice.

In the second module, emphasis is placed on fostering collaboration, ethical considerations, and effective strategies for involving parents as integral members of the team.

Module three focuses on assessment and profiling techniques essential for designing tailored interventions. Under the guidance and supervision of a tutor, participants gain hands-on experience in assessing learners’ needs and strengths. 

The fourth module synthesises evidence-based practices with intervention strategies, further supported by tutor guidance, to empower participants in implementing effective interventions.

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