S.E.E.K. Assessment


To apply for an assessment or ask any questions: read more or go to www.bellavistaseek.org.za

What service does Bellavista S.E.E.K. offer?

Bellavista S.E.E.K. is an integral part of the school. S.E.E.K. facilitates a number of well-qualified multidisciplinary teams who, under the guidance of a lead psychologist, conduct in-depth educational assessments for children age 3 – 18, both nationally and internationally. These global assessments provide the necessary diagnostic framework needed to support children either in the current school environment and those who will come into Bellavista School.

The team works together to assess all aspects of the child’s developmental progress in the educational system. Psychologists may assess using the WIPPSI, WISC-V,  NEPSY or WIAT in addition to conducting a scholastic battery of assessment that looks closely at reading, spelling, Mathematics and written output in the classroom. The team is enhanced with Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Remedial Therapists who bring their own expertise in their specific fields to assist the parent in making informed educational decisions. Parents are included in the collaborative process and may also invite professionals working with their child to the detailed case conferences. A well-structured and thorough written report, with carefully considered recommendations, is prepared to assist parents in guiding the process into the future. Bellavista S.E.E.K. also offers to prepare reports for examining bodies at a high school level, to motivate for exemptions and accommodations in Grade 12.

To apply for an assessment or ask any questions: read more or go to www.bellavistaseek.org.za

STEP 1: Call our offices on 011 788 5454 to request a questionnaire, or download one here: Questionnaire-January-2020 2

STEP 2: Email it to seek@bellavistaschool.co.za, along with any supporting documentation (i.e. latest Medical, Visual, Audiology, Speech Therapy , Occupational Therapy, Psychological, or School reports). The more information supplied on application, the quicker we can process the questionnaire.

STEP 3: Make a payment of R900.00, which is a non-refundable administrative cost which does not form part of the assessment fee, directly to our offices or by electronic transfer to:

Account Name: Bellavista School
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 004305
Account No.: 001986686
Reference: your child’s full name

STEP 4: Your file will be reviewed by one of our professional staff who will make recommendations regarding further assessment.

STEP 5: Mrs Jeanet Sivalingam, our administrator will call you to discuss your needs and make a booking as per our recommendations.

Please note that an assessment at Bellavista S.E.E.K  is not an automatic indication that your child is a candidate for enrollment at Bellavista School or that you have made application at the school. The assessment service is an independent process, separate to the admissions process.

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