School Times


Grade R

07h45 – 12h00 until half term in Term One

07h45 – 12h45 after half term in Term One

Grade 1

07h40 – 13h00 until half term in Term One

07h40 – 13h25 after half term in Term One

Grade 2

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 07h40 – 13h45

Wednesday and Friday: 07h40 – 13h35

Grades 3 – 4

Monday: 07h40 – 13h50

Tuesday and Thursday: 07h40 – 15h00 

Wednesday and Friday: 07h40 – 13h30

Grades 5 – 7

Monday: 07h40 – 14h00

Tuesday and Thursday: 07h40 – 15h10 

Wednesday and Friday: 07h40 – 13h40

and Friday: 07h40 – 13h40

Late Arrival and Early Departures

In the interests of safeguarding the children, please note that we call on very strict protocols for managing any late arrivals, late collections and early departures.


Late arrivals

If you miss your child’s designated gate arrival time in the morning, please take him/her to the main Wingfield Gate which will be the access gate from 07h50 onwards. Your child will walk up to class from there. As we settle back to the regular school hours, we know you have adjustments to make in your morning routines. However, please endeavour to be punctual so that your child has an unflustered start to the day and can enjoy the activities and CEA inputs that are offered ahead of the first lesson.


Late collections 

Should you be late for fetching, your child will be settled up at the school office reception until you arrive. Please note that in this instance, you do need to park, screen at the gate as a visitor and pop up to fetch your child in person.


Early departures 

Should your child need to leave school early, to attend a doctor’s appointment etc., please ensure that you advise the teacher timeously. Your child will be sent to the school office reception where you will sign him/her out in person. Should you have delegated a family member or other person to collect, we do need to be appraised of that individual’s identity and receive the instruction to release your child to that individual from you.

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