School Times:

All children to be dropped by 07h35 at the Wingfield Avenue entrance only. Each day, all are to be collected from Wingfield Avenue gate. 15 minutes after the official close of day, the staff manning the duty will bring any children still waiting to the front office where they can be supervised. Please be prompt! The GrR and One children close earlier in the first six weeks of any new year.

Grade R

* Grade R finishes each day at 12h00 for the first two week of a school year, thereafter  at 12h30 until the midterm break in February of each year, when the day  extends to 12h45.

Mondays:  07h40 – 12h45;  Tuesdays: 07h40 – 12h45; Wednesdays:             07h40 – 12h45;  Thursdays:  07h40 – 12h45;  Fridays:  07h40 – 13h25

Grades 1 and 2

* Grade 1 finishes each day at 13h00 until the midterm break in February of each year

Mondays: 07h40 – 13h40;  Tuesdays: 07h40 – 13h40; Wednesdays:              07h40 – 13h40;  Thursdays:  07h40 – 13h40; Fridays: 07h40 – 13h25

Grades 3  to 7

Mondays:  07h40 – 14h10; Tuesdays: 07h40 – 15h00; Wednesdays:              07h40 – 13h40; Thursdays: 07h40 – 15h00; Fridays: 07h40 – 13h25

Late Arrival and Early Departures

Any child arriving late must report to the school receptionist before proceeding to class. This request is in place to monitor late arrivals. Late arrival is recorded on the school’s register. Should a child need to depart from school from school before the official close of school hours, the parent or designated person must sign the child out from the Reception. The early departure will be recorded on the school’s register.