Winter School

Winter School

Winter School is an opportunity for struggling readers to receive high quality, intense intervention.

Bellavista School is aware that there is an increasing number of struggling readers being schooled in the spirit of inclusion at mainstream schools.

These children are enjoying all the benefits of the schooling environment and may even be excelling in their areas of strength, but their reading competency lags and is of concern to their teachers and parents.

Not every struggling reader is a candidate for remedial education as a full time placement, but in the busyness of the school day, directed, focused intervention is not easily accommodated.

Bellavista is proud to celebrate its 12th year implementing RAVE-O as a successful literacy and reading intervention.

The school is pleased to respond to the needs of children in the Gauteng area by launching regular clinics, using RAVE-O as an intervention for children referred by their schools. Michelle Yudelowitz, head of the Winter School programme has personally engaged and attended the Summer Reading Clinic at TUFTS University, Boston, Mass, USA, the home of RAVE-O.

Who can be referred to Winter School?

Learners aged 8 – 11 years old who are identified as struggling readers, with or without standardised assessment.


R450.00 for the application fee and R10,600.00 per learner for the full clinic, including materials, recreational activities, refreshments and assessments.

What process is involved?

  • The school has identified the value of the reading intervention for your child and has made a referral to the Winter School.
  • Please complete the Winter School 2022 Application Form and any teacher feedback and submit school reports to [email protected] .
  • The head of the Winter School will meet with you and arrange a pre-test, which is a baseline assessment to determine your child’s reading level.
  • These results will be discussed with you, and the intervention agreed.
  • Your child will be enrolled on and complete the programme.
  • A report describing your child’s reading progress, as well as further suggestions will be shared with you, the parent, and available to the school if approved by yourself.

Expression of interest:

Call : 011 880 2674 or [email protected]

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