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    Creative Arts Therapy

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    14 September 2022
    Speaker: Drew Holman and Jodi Du Preez
    HPCSA awards 1 CEUs

    Drew and Jodie utilize the Creative Expressive Arts Modality in their work with the students at Bellavista School. Jodie predominantly works with individual clients, with a key focus on identity development. Drew facilitates small group interventions with a focus on social skills. The pair work within the psychotherapy team and facilitate the school’s ‘Bounce Back’ and S.T.A.R.T. program in the Foundation Phase

  • Sale! Stuttering


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    13 July 2022
    Speaker: Dina Lilian
    HPCSA awards 1 CEUs

    During this presentation, differentiation of different types of dysfluencies will be highlighted (normal dysfluencies and stuttering-like dysfluencies); as well as the difference between stuttering and cluttering. Indirect and direct strategies to be used at home and in the classroom situation will be discussed as well as the overt/covert elements of stuttering and cluttering.

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