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Why a middle school?

Mediation of all learning, social, cognitive, physical and affective, must start in a person’s primary development years when the foundation for lifelong learning is built and fundamental values and attitudes are formed.

Initiated first in the home, and then through exposure to high quality Early Childhood Education and primary school practice, the mediation and learning culminates in the adolescent and young adult years.

We’re calling it Imagine College Birdhaven

Bellavista School is establishing South Africa’s first middle school built on the premise of:

The Imagine College Birdhaven campus will enable us to offer a curriculum and learning mediation model that answers the educational needs of middle schoolers on a cognitive and affective level.

Creating a Campus

We are modifying a two-floor property and its adjacent land to accommodate academic, sporting and general infrastructure needs and opening up Imagine College Birdhaven.

The Imagine College Birdhaven campus will not only benefit the children who attend daily and their families. It will also be the site where Bellavista S.H.A.R.E., our professional development centre,  creates and researches the aspects of the middle schooling model that can be shared on scale.

It is our intention to influence schools, educators, policy makers and allied professionals to implement the pedagogical principles we deploy across Southern Africa and even worldwide

The property on Wingfield Avenue is a development envisaged to include

Existing Bellavista School facilities including sports facilities, a media centre, collaborative design venues, the auditorium and hall, as well as the multi-sensory environments, will be accessible to the middle school students.

The furnishings will represent high standards in ergonomics, allowing for sitting, standing, group collaboration and focused desk spaces as required.
The layout of the venues will ensure that students enjoy a myriad opportunities to learn and engage interpersonally. Rooms will be equipped with technologically integrated teaching and learning in mind.
Each venue should be able to pivot as a language classroom, a tutoring venue, STEAM lab or drama space.
Please note: Images are conceptual

The walls of any educational facility should speak to clear intention and share the learning journey through:

Please note: Images are conceptual
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The Cognitive Education School involves:

The principles of cognitive education practice, including the premise that all children have the propensity to learn, are the key to this new model.

Learners attending Imagine College Birdhaven will have deep and rich exposure to:

Curriculum Programme

Common Room
  • Common rooms will create a shared ‘hot desk’ and individual areas for focused work and small groups
  • These spaces will promote a feeling of ease and calm; when we are comfortable and in ergonomically suitable spaces, our ability to function with optimal attention and drive is realised
  • A library resource centre will be homed in these spaces, with audio and print books available
Please note: Images are conceptual
  • Messy creativity has free reign in our ‘collab’ rooms
  • An artist will use the studio to develop their works, modelling skills, mentoring and encouraging the students
  • Visible and open, the art studio has spaces to conceptualise design and expression, deploy technology for digital art, and freely use various mediums for visual arts
  • As creative expression develops a sense of self, confidence and an emotional outlet, the art studio must validate, affirm and facilitate this critical aspect of the 4IR educational mandate
Art Room
  • Social time is vital for adolescents and one of the key motivators behind attendance and success at school
  • It is here that they live out their personalities, build relationships and develop responsibility towards each other
  • Chatting together, debriefing the day and sharing interests are well facilitated over lunch and other light snacks
  • This space will be informal in its furnishings and students will have some autonomy around how they’d like it arranged

Urban Sports Vision

Sports outdoor
Sports indoors

Download the application form and email to [email protected] once completed.

Gross Annual Fee: 

R167 000

Annual Fee:

 R 156 000

Development Levy:

R 9 000

Innings and Outings:

R1 000

PA Levy

R1 000

Entrance Fee (new):

R  52 000  (60% refundable on graduating at the end of Grade Nine)

Entrance Fee (Bellavista):

R  52 000  (60% refundable on graduating at the end of Grade Nine)

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