RomyRomy Ancer runs the Uniform Shop on behalf of the Bellavista Parents Association

082 465 4461

Download your 2018 Uniform Guidelines here: dress-code2

  • 07h30 – 08h30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
  • By appointment: Romy 0824654461

For your convenience, make your uniform purchase payments using “Snap Scan”.

Step 1: Download the app, SnapScan, on your Apple or android device.

Step 2: Follow the prompts to set up your personal profile.

Step 3: Use the camer on your device to snap the unique Bellavista SnapCode – either at home or in the Uniform Shop ( see the code below).

Step 4: Enter the amount to pay and confirm your pin.

Read more: http://www.GetSnapScan.com

By scanning the code, you can make a purchase from the Uniform Shop anywhere, anytime. Here’s how:

1. SMS Romy on 082 465 4461 to request your item and confirm availability.

2. Check the price on the price list found here: Bellavista Uniform Shop Prices

3. Scan the SnapCode below.

4. Enter the given amount. State the reference clearly.

5. Payment will be received immediately and the item delivered to your child’s classroom unless otherwise arranged.

ALL UNIFORM SHOP QUERIES: Romy 082 465 4461 or Justine 083 600 7040


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