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ADHD: Is there a cure?

This presentation will explore the role of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in the management of ADHD. 

ADHD: Is there a cure?

It aims to address the optimal time for intervention and the outcomes that one can realistically expect from these interventions, as well as the burden of ADHD in adulthood, particularly if it is not treated in childhood.

HPCSA Awards 3 CEUs

This talk will be available 30 days from registration.

Presenter: Professor André Venter

Professor André Venter is currently the Academic Head of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of the Free State. His special area of interest is child development and he obtained his Doctorate in 1991 in this field at the University of Alberta, Canada.

He is particularly interested in Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity, Autism and learning problems.  He is the founder and immediate past National Chairman of PANDA-SA (Paediatric Neurology and Development Association of Southern Africa).

He is a member of the Advisory Board for Sensory Integration, was an executive member of the International Child Neurology Association and first president of the African Child Neurology Association since 2010.
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