Continuous Professional Development Award in Literacy and Dyslexia

Course Overview

This part time course, offered over a 24 month period, enables teachers and therapists to screen and remediate literacy difficulties, including Dyslexia, in school aged children. 

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand dyslexia and the theories of causality;
  • Understand “normal” literacy development and how the learner with dyslexia differs;
  • Identify reading difficulties and risk for dyslexia;
  • With mentoring, profile a learner’s strengths and difficulties, and implement an individualised, structured programme with the learner over the duration of 20 hours;
  • Advocate for the support and inclusion of learners with dyslexia.

Assessment of Outcomes

For successful completion of the course, students will:

  • Complete an assignment on the theory of dyslexia and its implications for identification and screening (2000-2500 words).
  • Conduct a case study of one learner, including the profiling of literacy difficulties and risk for dyslexia, develop lesson plans and the deliver 20 hours of intervention with the learner. The entire case study will be supervised by a tutor, who will guide the process. 
  • Complete a reflective assignment on the case study (2000-2500 words).

Course Presentation

The course is presented either online or via attendance of lectures. The content, assessment, cost and duration of both courses is similar. The course consists of three modules, which can also be undertaken individually.

Attendance Course

These lectures are held at Bellavista School, 35 Wingfield Avenue, Birdhaven. In 2020, these will be delivered weekly on a Tuesday afternoon (15h00-18h00), commencing 28 January 2020.

With the imposed lock down for the COVID-19 pandemic, all cohorts on the course are working online.

Online Course

All learning material and facilitation is online, commencing February 2020. Students work through the course content and activities independently each week, and occasionally a synchronous session will be scheduled.  Students must have access to a high-speed Internet connection and software updated within the last three years. Access to a courier/postal service is also required. 

Modular Option

Enrol and pay for each module separately, enjoying the flexibility to determine your own exit point whilst retaining the option to return to the course at a later date.

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