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Conference 2022: A systemic approach to establish an environment conducive to learning, development and success

The shaping of modifying environments is a core aspect of Feuerstein’s approach to enhancing learning potential. Without it, the potential to activate the cognitive modifiability of individuals will remain underdeveloped and incomplete. What is at stake is that the structural cognitive modifiability – discovered and enlarged through the mediated use of LPAD and IE – could dissipate without the right kind of environment. However, how could we create an environment that is optimally conducive to learners’ learning, development, and success? Furthermore, how could we shape such an environment, not only in the classroom or at home, but in ways that would involve various social systems embedded in society? Although Feuerstein indicated more than three decades ago how to use a systemic approach to understand and develop modifying environments, several limitations in the current body of literature make it difficult to derive any concrete generalisations in this regard.

The aim of this presentation is to address this gap. Drawing from his experience as a higher education scholar and practitioner for more than 20 years, Dr Wahl will share crucial concepts, principles, and features associated with an ecological approach to shaping modifying environments. This presentation is designed to assist parents, educators, and practitioners to enhance the learning potential of individuals in a systemic-holistic way. 

1 CPD point will be awarded.

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