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Bridging the gap from high school to university – The First Year Experience

The gap between secondary and tertiary education has been well documented. This talk visits the challenges that first year students face framed by 21st Century demands and the Covid 19 pandemic.   An overview of the current student profile will be discussed with a view to suggesting how educators can better equip learners for life after school. Different example of FYE (First Year Experience)  will be discussed  highlighting what kind of support is already in existence for students. Finally this talk will  reflect on how educators can step up to future-proofing students. 

HPCSA Awards 2 CEUs

This talk will be available 30 days from registration.


Dr Jenni Underhill has been  in the field of academic literacies and language skills development for the past twenty years. Initially she trained in teaching English as an International Language and in Adult Education, and worked extensively overseas in both Europe and Australia.   She holds a Masters in Educational Linguistics and a PhD in Higher Education Studies. She is a  published scholar and has worked specifically in Academic Development, tutor and staff development. Her deep interest is in the student experience – this includes how students experience teaching and learning as well as the constant quest to refine the delivery of curricula to meet current 21st Century student needs.

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