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Nutritious Minds : Fussy Eating

Presenter: Lauri Isserow

Nutritious Minds : Fussy Eating

The talk will explore fussy eating during the toddler years. This is a common area of concern for parents as they generally feel they are alone navigating their toddler and their fussiness. Once parents understand that it is not only common at this age, but also developmentally appropriate, they are able to gain appropriate tools thus taking back their power enabling them to more easily deal with this ‘picky’ stage.

06 April 2022 @ 19:30pm-20:30pm SAST

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No recording will be available for this webinar 

About the Presenter

Lauri Isserow qualified as a registered dietician 15 years ago. She is passionate about dealing with the nutritional needs of infants, toddlers, children and teenagers as well as assisting parents in helping their children eat appropriately.

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