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Parenting Distracted Minds – Parenting the child with ADHD

Presenter: Lorian Phillips

Parenting Distracted Minds ADHD

This webinar will explore the core principles that can be most helpful to understand and parent the ADHD child.

These range from understanding and managing the child in all contexts – family, school and so on and covers the different areas of discipline , motivation and emotional fallout.

In addition the different types of ADHD are defined, what is taking place neurologically in the ADHD child’s brain is explained, how the medications work as well as the positives of ADHD are all covered.

07 July 2021 @ 19h30-20h30 SAST
1 HPCSA point applies

NO RECORDING will be available for this webinar.

About the Presenter

Lorian is a clinical psychologist with a professional and personal interest in ADHD and has been in private practice for the last 21 years.

More importantly for the purposes of this talk she has 2 sons, one of whom is ADD and one of whom is ADHD.

Due to her challenges and struggles in dealing with her boys she was motivated to find more constructive ways of dealing with them. This led to her parenting her boys differently and when she saw the results of this, she developed a Parenting course for parents of ADD/ADHD children that has been running for the past 6 years.

In addition she also consults with parents in her private practice to offer guidance and support in working with their ADHD children.

She has spoken at various schools to teachers and therapists on ways to manage the ADHD child in the classroom and therapy room as well as given many talks on Managing the ADHD child.

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