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When Teachers are Bullied

Welcome to this course on when teachers are bullied. This course is divided into three sessions:

Session 1: Introduction  |  Session 2: Making sense of the bully  |  Session 3: Interventions and Tools

After each section, you will have the opportunity to reflect on some issues discussed, and at the end of the course, you will find a summary and notes that you can print for reference.

When Teachers are Bullied

Bullying rightly gets a lot of attention in schools and we are quick to implement programmes to ensure safe learning spaces, and also to develop assertiveness skills in the children. What doesn’t get attention is that bullying happens at every level, and leaving school doesn’t mean you won’t experience a bully again.

Seldom does a school’s code of conduct deal with boundaries that protect the teacher or therapist from bullying. Bullies grow up, and their attention can turn to the teachers that care for their child. Assuming dominance, these parents (and their child in cases) can erode the esteem and energy of a teacher who needs to create his or her own boundaries and steer away from a victim mentality.

This workshop attempts to define bullying, consider strategies for assertiveness and explore ways to have tough conversations that resolve issues in the interest of good relationships around the child.

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Presenter: Alison Scott

Alison Scott has been an educator for 28+ years across all phases of formal schooling age 6 – 18. After serving in a former Model C school for 11 years, she moved to the independent sector. A career move to HOD Guidance, evolved to HOD Life Orientation then Deputy Head in mainstream environments.

In 2009, she was appointed to the position of Bellavista School Principal, a small remedial school that serves children with barriers to learning age 6 – 14. She would describe her professional development in the past nine years as explosive, with every child teaching her new things or compelling new learning.

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