Motor Planning


Presenters: Roseen Ress, Amy Raines, Nisi Cohen and Jodi Sheer
HPCSA awards 3 CEUs

This short online presentation will explore;

•praxis/motor planning difficulties

•aims to provide parents and educators with insight into the complexities involved in producing physical movement and speech

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The talk explores praxis/motor planning difficulties from an interdisciplinary perspective. It aims to provide parents and educators with insight into the complex, multi-step series of events that one must coordinate in order to produce a physical movement or speech sound-a process that is often taken for granted because, for most individuals, it occurs automatically. Areas that will be discussed include:

  • The indicators for a motor planning difficulty, which may manifest through fine or gross motor difficulties, or speech distortions.
  • How a difficulty in this area impacts children in all areas of occupational performance at home and at school
  • Specific approaches to therapy and therapeutic programmes will further equip viewers in understanding and supporting young people with praxis challenges.
HPCSA awards 3 CEUs
The talk will be available for 30 days from registration.


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