RAVE-O Refresher!


In person – Onsite Course
14 June 2023
Presented by our Bellavista Multidisciplinary Team

Join us for a RAVE-O Refresher course, during which we will help you to feel confident in giving lessons, provide you with tips and tricks and so much more! An afternoon that will help YOU to develop YOUR confidence and in turn build the confidence of your learners.
This course is only for RAVE-O trained practitioners

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This course is only for RAVE-O trained practitioners

As we know, RAVE-O is the first comprehensive research and evidence-based approach to building reading fluency.

The program goes beyond repeated reading to help students develop their automaticity in all aspects of word knowledge.

But are you confident in completing these lessons with your learners? We know that this motivating small-group, evidence-based literacy programme empowers not only students to read text deeply in order to build new knowledge, develop new ideas, and reach new levels of reading achievement but also allows interventionists to have the confidence and skills necessary in using a programme that works.

Remembering that RAVE-O mirrors what the brain does when it reads- literally rearranging the brain for sustained reading success is the first step in knowing that YOU are helping your learners in so many ways.

By connecting phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and morphology, RAVE-O deepens students’ ability to read with fluency and for deep comprehension.

Using the guides allows you to ensure that each lesson targets skill building in the sound structure of words, recognising common letter patterns, developing vocabulary knowledge and so much more which ultimately leads to the reading of passages and building the confidence of your learners along the way.

Venue: Bellavista School, 35 Wingfield Ave, Birdhaven, JHB
Date: 14 June 2023
Time: 12h30–16h30 (Registration 12h00)

*Cancellation Policy*

Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. We do understand however that emergencies happen. In such cases we will be able to offer you a credit towards another product, less the catering and administration costs

BELLAVISTA staff have been endorsed by the developers of the RAVE-O programme to train educators and health professionals in the approach. Contact us to arrange training for your school!


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