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Managing Challenging Behaviour

Managing Challenging Behaviour
This short course will help teachers manage learners presenting with difficult behaviour in the classroom. It will also give them the tools and guidance on advising parents and colleagues on managing learners with difficult behaviour. This course will allow you:
  • To develop an understanding of what challenging behaviour is.
  • To develop an understanding of children’s rights and responsibilities.
  • To develop an understanding of the development of the brain and how this relates to the child’s behaviour.
  • To differentiate between anxiety and anger.
  • To discover your own disciplining style and become more aware of your own style.
  • To develop strategies that will diffuse difficult behaviour in the classroom.
SACE allocates 5 points The talk will be available for 60 days from registration. 

Speaker: Hennie Vorster

Hennie Vorster is an Educational Psychologist working in private practice as well as Bellavista School, where his role includes psychological assessment, case management, staff consultations as well as group and individual therapy

Central to this role is the work done with parents on an individual basis as well as through facilitating parent support groups. In addition, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience in private practice.

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