Our moments aren’t landmarks on a road, discoveries or destinations in and of themselves. Moments can be fleeting seconds or less and also long stretches of time. Their duration is incalculable. Our moments are all around us, sometimes falling as rain, occasionally delivered in the violence of a storm or gently in the whisper of a soft breeze across the grass. Moments rest on clouds and glisten in morning dew. They parade their message in the skies. Moments may be the heat of the sun or the look that falls on another face. The glint or twinkle of an eye. They turn up in text messages, emoji’s and memes. They speak in blue ticks. Moments change the course of our lives but can also mean nothing at all. They are silent messages that we see or ignore. Moments befall us all regardless of rank, gender, ability, wealth, qualification, age, language or health. Moments are given and moments pass. They come upon us without asking and we weather them, dread them, anticipate them, claim them, enjoy them, hold them or cower from them completely. Life is no longer about ‘seize the day’, it’s ‘grab the moment while you can’.

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