Sunlight through trees

Why should we stay positive?

Author: S Mansfield

All we really have now is our mental disposition. To be fair, it’s all we’ve ever had, but busy life keeps us from seeing that. 

The reality of today evokes depression. Everywhere it permeates and like a current it seeps into our being and breaks through defenses. So how do we rise above it? How do we muster strength which is real where we are not playing mind tricks? How do we genuinely see the opportunity and turn this in our favour?

Well, one angle is that you can’t save the world, and you have no control over what the masses will do, feel and communicate. You are not a part of the masses. You determine your own path and create your own reality. Standing out in thought, deed and spirit requires an internal rebellion against these gravitational forces. You do not need to go down the road of the group. Leadership starts with self and requires that we call on our best selves. This self does not cling, but is open and malleable.

Life is a teacher. She is teaching us right now. She is teaching us to deepen our understanding of the world. She is teaching us loss and grief. She is teaching us that we don’t get to dictate the terms. She is showing us our actual significance. She is showing us that our titles, statuses, identities and even lives can be easily snatched. She is teaching us humility. She is showing us who is in charge. She is teaching us deep pain. She is teaching us that the many frivolous worries of our lives may be wasted energy. She is teaching us perspective. She is pointing us to another way. Another model. A chance to reshape our own world. A chance to reshape our community. A chance to teach each other. A chance to learn from each other. A chance to have shared prospects. A chance to celebrate our self worth. A chance to find meaning where it truly lies. 

Mother Nature wasn’t born yesterday. There is method in her madness. There is rhythm in her song. She knows the pulse of the land she created. She knows of sunrise and sunset. She knows of birth and death. She knows of joy and grief. She knows of seasons. She knows of change. And she knows the challenge of change. So she has given us gifts. She has bestowed upon us innovative minds. She has shared her energy and creativity. She has given us her life force. Her capacity for compassion, resilience and strength. And she knows that if we access these gifts and use them wisely, that we have everything we need to navigate change. 

So why stay positive? Well, a positive mind opens the door to access to these gifts. A positive mind will see the opportunity. A positive mind will find a way and create a solution. A positive mind will embrace the challenge. A positive mind will see land from sea. A positive mind has a reason to believe. A positive mind fosters faith. A positive mind has hope. 
And you control the filter to your mind. You control what enters from every conversation, news article and fleeting thought. You control what you accept about the world, mankind and about yourself. You control the gateway to your greatest gift. 

So exercise this muscle like your life depends on it. Keep the current at bay. Choose your channels wisely. Seek nourishment. Imagine. Create and share your vision. Act on your beliefs. Dream. Your mental disposition is all you really have. That’s why it’s important to stay positive!

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